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    Solars Plumbing is a Pretoria West-based company that sells high-quality solar geysers. Solars Plumbing provides and installs high-quality, inexpensive solar geysers in Pretoria West.

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    Solar Geysers Pretoria WestPretoria West’s electricity consumption is high due to its large population. Go solar to save money and energy. Solars Plumbing offers low-cost solar geysers in Pretoria West. In and around Pretoria West, we provide and supply high-quality solar geysers.

    Our expert solar geyser installers in Pretoria West are well-equipped to install high-quality solar geysers and provide guidance on all of our solar geyser products.

    Solar water heaters offer 50-90 percent of the hot water and power requirements. As a result of eliminating traditional geyser elements, you’ll save 100 percent on your hot water power needs.

    • Using sunshine instead of traditional electricity saves you money and helps the environment.
    • During times of load-shedding in Pretoria West, a solar geyser will give you with ample hot water.
    • Our clients in Pretoria West and the surrounding areas receive exceptional after-sales support.
    • We are firm believers in the high quality of service and products we provide to our customers. Approved by the SABS
    • The safety, quality, and performance of solar water heaters are all important considerations.
    • SABS evaluated and authorized all of our solar geysers for sale in Pretoria West.
    • Solar geysers are a wise investment because they save money while also increasing the value of your home.

    In and around Pretoria West, we also provide solar geyser conversions.

    • With our solar geyser conversions, you may convert your existing normal geyser to a solar geyser.
    • Our solar geyser conversions in Pretoria West give any property a fresh new look.
    • As a result, you may use your conventional geyser as a tank to store hot water generated by solar panels.
    • Flat panels are installed on your roof while your geyser is kept inside your property. Pretoria West solar geysers

    In Pretoria West, Solars Plumbing is a proud supplier of SA solar geysers. Our SA solar geyser tube systems are a fantastic choice for your home. All of our solar geysers in South Africa are SABS approved. Solars Plumbing’s SA solar geysers in Pretoria West will ensure that you always have hot water. With our SA solar geysers, our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the best value for your money.

    Take a look at all of our solar geyser options:

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    Solars Plumbing is a proud supplier of solar energy systems in Pretoria West. We provide economical solar geysers in Pretoria West, with a range of Solar Geyser Types to meet your specific requirements. All installations and after-sales services are included in the price of our Solar Geyser. Solars Plumbing is the company to call if you want to save money on solar geysers. Why should a solar geyser be converted to solar?

    Many low-income South Africans do not have access to electric geysers, so they heat water with paraffin cookers, coal burners, and kettles. Using this equipment can be hazardous because it depletes indoor breathing oxygen and can lead to fires. While using electric kettles is safer, it does contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming.

    Because of the electrical costs or medical expenditures involved with using coal or paraffin to heat water, using this equipment might put a financial strain on low-income families.

    A solar geyser is an excellent choice for water heating. Solar water heating is significantly cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Because the sun is the primary source of energy, individuals are far less vulnerable to rising electricity prices and the use of fossil fuels. The electrical power supply in South Africa is put under a lot of strain by kettles and electrical geysers.

    These stresses are eliminated by solar geysers.

    Many impoverished communities in South Africa have little to no infrastructure to support electrical geysers, and electrical sources are not always able to cope with high electrical loads. This can result in costly electrical distribution system repairs. For these communities, solar geyser installations alleviate these constraints and limits.

    Types of solar geysers

    Solar geysers operate on two different ideas. The more heat is absorbed by a darker item, the more heat is absorbed. Due to density disparities between hot and cold water, when water heats up, it rises.

    • Solar geysers are made up of three major components:
    • A collector, a storage tank, and a fluid transfer
    • Collector for solar geysers
    • Capture incoming solar energy into heat, which is then either directly or indirectly delivered to the water.
    • Solar geyser collectors come in two varieties:
    • Flat-panel solar collector
    • A dark translucent front cover, collection housing, and absorber are included. A proven track record of dependability and high performance.
    • Pretoria West, solar geyser, solar flat-panel collector
    • Solar collectors with evacuated tubes

    A solar absorber is enclosed within a glass tube, with a vacuum between the two tubes and a heat pipe with heat transfer fluid in the middle. Solar evacuated tubes provide exceptional performance when it comes to solar water heating. To absorb the sun’s energy, the inner glass tube faces outward.

    Collectors for solar geysers with evacuated tubes

    Solar geyser with high pressure vs. solar geyser with low pressure

    Depending on the needs of a home, solar geysers are constructed as high-pressure solar systems or low-pressure solar systems. High-pressure solar geysers are more expensive than low-pressure solar geysers, but they are more reliable in terms of water pressure handling. Low-pressure solar geysers are made of less expensive materials that simply need to be sturdy enough to hold water and have little resistance to water pressure.

    Heat transfer from the sun

    Heat can be transferred either directly or indirectly. The water in a direct solar geyser collector is heated directly and circulated between the collector and the storage tank. The transfer liquid in the solar system is water.

    The sun heats the transfer fluids that flow around the storage tank in an indirect solar geyser. The indirect solar geyser system is ideal for usage in any South African climate. The fluid can be circulated by natural convection or by using a pump.

    Methods for installing solar geysers

    System with a split coupling

    The storage tank is normally found inside the roof of your home. For a passive solar geyser system, place the tank above the collection.

    A pump is used to circulate water in an active solar geyser system.

    System with a tight coupling

    This is a very popular and effective solar geyser installation solution. A solar collector is put on top of the roof, and a water storage tank is also mounted on top of the collection.

    Solars Plumbing offers competitive solar hot water geyser specials in Pretoria West to help you save money and energy.

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