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    Solars Plumbing is a Kempton Park-based company that sells high-quality solar geysers. Solars Plumbing provides and installs high-quality, inexpensive solar geysers at our branch in Kempton Park.

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    Solar Geysers Kempton Park

    Although it is an exaggeration to state that South Africa boasts 365 days of sunshine a year, there are some areas of the country that do, and Kempton Park is no exception. Speak with an Kempton Park Solars Plumbing Expert to learn how you can save money on your energy costs while also lowering your carbon footprint by utilizing the sun’s free energy.

    Why should you choose Solars Plumbing to help you make solar decisions? Because we are the world’s leading solar technology innovators. Solars Plumbing offers a local presence in Kempton Park to provide you with solar power or solar hot water for your house or company.

    Since 1978, when we initially introduced our first solar product, we have installed over one million solar systems in all the neighbourhoods in Kemptonpark Allen Grove, Gauteng, Aston Manor, Kempton Park, Birchleigh, Bonaero Park, Cresslawn, Edleen, Esther Park, Norkem Park, Pomona, Kempton Park, Rhodesfield, Spartan, Kempton Park, Van Riebeeck Park. Our Solars Plumbing experts will work with you to determine the layout of your home, as well as your average hot water and energy usage, before recommending the ideal solar solution for you. Rooftop solar Geyser, split system solar water heaters, and heat pumps are among our specialties.

    Solar Panels on the Roof

    With a roof top solar system, you can keep your solar panels and storage tank all in one area. The solar panels are coated with a heat-absorbent substance that absorbs the sun’s energy and transfers it to the collectors’ fluid. The heat from the fluid is transmitted to the adjacent tank, resulting in hot water for later usage.

    Solar Panels in Two Parts

    A slimline split solar Geyser may be a better option if you have limited roof space. The storage tank is retained at ground level, either indoors or outdoors, despite the fact that the panels are also roof mounted. This reduces the visual impact of going solar while maximizing the savings potential of the sun.

    Solar Geysers Kempton Park System of Heat Pumps

    Given any space constraints, shading, or climatic challenges, Solars Plumbing can help you better grasp what is and isn’t doable. Your local Kempton Park Solars Plumbing Expert may recommend a heat pump if these factors are a problem. A heat pump absorbs energy from the surrounding air and transfers it to the water in the storage tank, working year-round, day and night, regardless of the weather.

    To obtain a free in-home solar evaluation, contact us and speak with your local Kempton Park Solars Plumbing Expert, or fill out the form below and a Solars Plumbing Kempton Park Expert will contact you.

    At a time when energy costs are growing, you may lower your bills by adopting solar, knowing that you are not only saving money but also investing in the future of South Africa. Solar Geysers utilize South Africa’s abundant sunshine in an effective, ethical, and intelligent manner. Depending on your location, temperature, and the sort of system you pick, a solar Geyser can offer up to 90% of your hot water needs for free.

    A significant solar hot water rebate is being offered by the federal and state governments. When it comes to renewable energy subsidies, our knowledgeable staff can help you cut through the jargon. Call for a no-obligation price on a new system or solar hot water service, or go to our rebates page to learn more about what’s available.

    When looking for a new solar water heater, it’s crucial to gather the facts from the experts in the field. Solars Plumbing has a fantastic team of industry experts on hand to assist you in making an informed decision. We are authorized suppliers and installers of top-of-the-line name-brand products, all of which are backed by a solid warranty. We take pleasure in supplying the most affordable solar hot water Geyser in Kempton Park.

    Industry leaders include Rheem Hot Water, Dux Hot Water, Rinnai Hot Water, Bosch Hot Water, Aquamax, Equinox, and Conergy Solar.

    Solar Geysers Kempton Park Different Systems

    Installations are handled quickly and efficiently, with your new solar hot water system up and operating in as little as 24 hours. All necessary papers and warranty certifications will be provided by our personnel. We also provide guidance on how to operate, maintain, and provide continuous service and inspection details. You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner because the efficiency of our entire range of solar hot water products is considerably better to any conventional gas or electric hot water system (savings of up to 60% in energy consumption).

    BUDGET: Obviously, budgeting is important, and yours should cover not only the original purchase price, but also continuous operation and maintenance expenditures. This must be evaluated against the fact that solar hot water Geyser will take longer to recuperate and pay for themselves due to their higher initial expenses (including installation). The operational costs of electric or gas boosting, as well as the electricity tariffs levied by your energy provider, must be known.

    WATER CONSUMPTION: The number of people in your home has a huge impact on how much water you use and how big a system you’ll need to meet your hot water needs. The following is a rough guide to determining the appropriate size of your storage tank:

    1. 150–220 litre capacity required for 1–2 people
    2. 3–4 people = 220–300 litre capacity necessary
    3. 5+ people = 300+ litres capacity necessary

    On our website, you may find detailed product information, including storage tank size compatibility instructions. Alternatively, give us a call at Solars Plumbing to speak with one of our specialists about how much capacity your solar hot water system would need.

    CLIMATE: This is important to consider because solar water heating takes advantage of South Africa’s abundant sunshine. Some items work better in certain climates, which should be taken into account while making your decision.

    CURRENT SYSTEM: What is the current state of your system? (If appropriate) What types of energy do you currently use? It’s possible that your current system can be retrofitted to include solar hot water. Switching to solar energy could save you a lot of money – we can help you figure out which system is right for you.

    INSTALLATION SITE: When evaluating solar hot water Geyser, the site specifics of your home or property must also be taken into account. How much space do you have and how easy is it to get to for an installation? What is the size and strength of your roof? Solar panels must be many and well positioned to maximize the sun’s solar input to the system, therefore roof pitch and orientation are also vital. A Split or Remote System may be required where roof space is limited. Some people prefer this approach because the storage tank is concealed.

    • Solar Geyser Types
    • Solar Geysers Kempton Park Closed-loop / split-loop systems
    • When the solar panels and the tank are put on the roof together, it is referred to as a close coupled system.
    • Solar panels are roof mounted with the tank in the roof cavity, or the tank is on the ground or in another suitable position in split Geyser. These systems are separated geographically.

    These solar hot water Geyser can be powered by electricity or gas. Of all the hot water systems, solar instantaneous gas boosted systems have the best efficiency and deliver the most savings. On days when the solar contribution to the system is insufficient owing to bad weather (cloudy/rainy), booster units heat the water. The boosters are thermostatically regulated and can be turned on and off manually or on a timer. This is ideal for only boiling water when it is required and turning it off when you are away or on vacation. Our Boosted Solar Systems ensure uninterrupted instantaneous hot water throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

    Solar Geysers Kempton Park Solar Hot Water with Flat Panels or Evacuated Tubes

    Our solar hot water systems use either the standard flat plate technology or evacuated tube solar hot water collectors (panels), which are quickly becoming the favored alternative due to their high efficiency. The evacuated tube collectors have a number of design advantages that enable them to routinely outperform the flat plate system in almost every way. In South African circumstances, they have a heat transmission efficiency of up to 150 percent. They are resistant to frost and have a stronger corrosion and decay resistance. They are also easier to install and maintain, and individual tubes may be changed if they get broken.

    So, if you’re in the market for a new hot water system, look no further than Solars Plumbing for great solar hot water costs. With years of experience in the market, Solars Plumbing has firmly established themselves as a leader in the sector. We can supply you with a free, no-obligation quote that is honest and professional in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

    Solars Plumbing offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their services, and its service areas include Kempton Park’s metropolitan and suburban areas such As Kempton Park Gauteng, as well as rural locations. So what are you waiting for? Make the transition to solar and call Solars Plumbing right now!

    Solars Plumbing offers competitive solar hot water geyser specials in Pretoria West to help you save money and energy.

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